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Maine, United States

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Maine, United States
[Maine] [United States]

State/Province : Latitude: 45.50028, Longitude: -69.25028


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bard, Adeline  Saturday 21 April 1821Maine, United States I2596
2 Bazinet, Jane   I1984
3 Bemis, Alice M.  Sunday 18 December 1870Maine, United States I1828
4 Billings, Elmer E  August 1869Maine, United States I1412
5 Billings, Lorenzo Simeon  Wednesday 9 May 1860Maine, United States I1511
6 Bragg, Dorothy M.  Maine, United States I1660
7 Chandler, Carrie M.  Thursday 20 July 1848Maine, United States I1158
8 Davis, Joseph Henry  Tuesday 2 May 1837Maine, United States I776
9 Dexter, Edward B.  Abt 1869Maine, United States I2679
10 Dexter, Flora E.  Tuesday 4 December 1855Maine, United States I1930
11 Field, Elizabeth  October 1823Maine, United States I1356
12 Foster, Josephine May  Friday 1 October 1880Maine, United States I1558
13 Getchell, Priscilla S.  1812Maine, United States I2530
14 Giguere, Eva  Monday 20 October 1879Maine, United States I1848
15 Giguere, Raymond O.  Thursday 2 February 1922Maine, United States I2962
16 Giguere, Seraphine  February 1875Maine, United States I1838
17 Hardison, Ellen M  May 1855Maine, United States I1432
18 Harnois, Margaret L.  Tuesday 27 June 1939Maine, United States I2707
19 Harnois, Marianne  July 1896Maine, United States I2287
20 Hines, Mary  1787Maine, United States I864
21 Hoctor, Margaret  Sunday 5 September 1909Maine, United States I2706
22 Howe, Eben  November 1827Maine, United States I1956
23 Irish, Charles H.  Thursday 7 April 1853Maine, United States I1812
24 Irish, Iza Pearl  Monday 3 September 1888Maine, United States I1801
25 Irish, John Warren  Monday 25 January 1841Maine, United States I1867
26 Jewell, Almira  Monday 4 September 1843Maine, United States I1820
27 Jones, Freeman L.  Abt 1824Maine, United States I2111
28 Labbe, Constance   I2002
29 Labbe, Richard E.   I2004
30 Merrill, Margaret  1856Maine, United States I789
31 Miller, Gertrude Elizabeth  1922Maine, United States I2195
32 Nadeau, Muriel   I2007
33 Nadeau, Rita   I2008
34 Oldham, Joanna Frances  Monday 20 October 1856Maine, United States I1086
35 Oldham, Lillian  Monday 19 May 1873Maine, United States I1392
36 Pote, Gamaliel  1753Maine, United States I2430
37 Pote, James Munrow  Wednesday 17 August 1768Maine, United States I2451
38 Pote, Miriam  1765Maine, United States I2426
39 Pote, Phoebe  1761Maine, United States I2421
40 Powers, Everett Eugene  Sunday 8 December 1889Maine, United States I2112
41 Rivard, Annette   I2011
42 Rivard, J. Antonie Heleodore Conrad  Wednesday 7 March 1917Maine, United States I2014
43 Rivard, J. Henri Lucien  Thursday 9 January 1913Maine, United States I2029
44 Rivard, Marie Heliodoris  Thursday 27 September 1906Maine, United States I2021
45 Rivard, Pauline E  Friday 13 April 1923Maine, United States I2034
46 Thibeault, Emilien Ovide  Friday 13 November 1908Maine, United States I2866
47 Watson, Lena A  September 1893Maine, United States I1875
48 Wheelwright, Sidney G.  July 1865Maine, United States I1374
49 Young, Benjamin Franklin  Tuesday 15 August 1826Maine, United States I2796


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cloutier, Rose Anna  Saturday 2 March 1957Maine, United States I1178
2 Dexter, Gideon  Sunday 1 December 1867Maine, United States I1040
3 Dexter, Nathan  Maine, United States I1072
4 Harnois, Joseph Robert Noe  Monday 29 November 1999Maine, United States I2705
5 Irish, Abijah  Maine, United States I1529
6 Irish, Eleanor  1870Maine, United States I1481
7 Irish, Jacob  Maine, United States I1502
8 Irish, John  Maine, United States I1402
9 Irish, Rebekah  Maine, United States I1450
10 Pelletier, Fernande  Saturday 18 November 1978Maine, United States I2822
11 Pote, James Munrow  Thursday 6 December 1855Maine, United States I2451
12 Turner, Mary Jane  Tuesday 16 February 1926Maine, United States I2193
13 Ward, Sarah  1841Maine, United States I1080

Military Enlistment

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Enlistment    Person ID 
1 Irish, Benjamin Rowe  Wednesday 23 July 1862Maine, United States I647

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Albert, Mae Marie  Bef 1951Maine, United States I690
2 Auger, Florence F.  Bef 1951Maine, United States I434
3 Baril, Laurianne R.  Bef 1951Maine, United States I2813
4 Bazinet, Alfred Joseph W.  1965Maine, United States I2736
5 Billings, Jairus Shaw  Bef 1951Maine, United States I2968
6 Brochu, Leontine  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1210
7 Clark, Carroll George  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1097
8 Clark, Charles Freeman  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1559
9 Csoros, John Frank Jr.  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1955
10 Davis, Edith M.  Bef 1951Maine, United States I2635
11 Davis, Ethel Mary  1951Maine, United States I2636
12 Davis, Gayden G.  Bef 1951Maine, United States I2044
13 Davis, Gerald Felt  1954Maine, United States I2009
14 Davis, Leona Mae  1953 - 1954Maine, United States I2637
15 Deroche, Melvin Joseph  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1108
16 Despins, Fernand N.  1956 - 1957Maine, United States I1169
17 Dostie, Eddie Phillippe  Bef 1951Maine, United States I2974
18 Dostie, Gerard Roland  1953 - 1954Maine, United States I2144
19 Douglass, Helen Vesta  1955Maine, United States I2116
20 Farnum, Cecil E.  Bef 1951Maine, United States I2638
21 Fitts, Beverly May  Bef 1951Maine, United States I2971
22 Giboin, Evangeline  1966Maine, United States I683
23 Giboin, Guy Henri  Bef 1951Maine, United States I704
24 Giboin, Henri Paul  Bef 1951Maine, United States I689
25 Giboin, Marie Antoinette  Bef 1951Maine, United States I692
26 Giguere, Aime  1955Maine, United States I11
27 Giguere, Albert Arthur Rene  Bef 1951Maine, United States I2718
28 Giguere, Cecile B.  1962Maine, United States I16
29 Giguere, Donatien Gilbert  Bef 1951Maine, United States I12
30 Giguere, Eustache N.  1962Maine, United States I990
31 Giguere, Gerard Bertrand  Bef 1951Maine, United States I926
32 Giguere, Germaine G.  Bef 1951Maine, United States I927
33 Giguere, Louis-Aime Donatien  Bef 1951Maine, United States I433
34 Giguere, Lucien Philian  Bef 1951Maine, United States I988
35 Giguere, Marguerite  Bef 1951Maine, United States I13
36 Giguere, Origene  1956Maine, United States I989
37 Giguere, Roger Lucien  Bef 1951Maine, United States I430
38 Giguere, Rose Elise  Bef 1951Maine, United States I432
39 Giroux, Aime Joseph  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1021
40 Harnois, Arthur Joseph  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1124
41 Harnois, Evangeline Claire  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1132
42 Harnois, Marie Therese  Bef 1951Maine, United States I687
43 Harnois, Mathilda M.  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1712
44 Harnois, Noe  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1716
45 Harnois, Rosemarie Cecile  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1264
46 Holmes, Lillian Flora  1962Maine, United States I2165
47 Irish, Charles Elie  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1830
48 Irish, Emerson Adams  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1098
49 Irish, Ethel T  1963Maine, United States I1096
50 Irish, Franklin Howard  Bef 1951Maine, United States I1832

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Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Albert / Barrett  Saturday 1 June 1991Maine, United States F2103
2 Albert / Hazzard  Sunday 30 May 1982Maine, United States F795
3 Albert / McInnis  Monday 4 August 1947Maine, United States F1921
4 Albert / Skigdel  Friday 2 October 1987Maine, United States F1922
5 Bazinet / Gagne  Saturday 23 June 1945Maine, United States F849
6 Clark / Cox  Tuesday 30 June 1925Maine, United States F461
7 Clark / Prosser  Friday 19 July 1940Maine, United States F602
8 Csoros / Giguere  Wednesday 15 September 1948Maine, United States F582
9 Davis / Radcliffe  Saturday 11 December 1926Maine, United States F751
10 Deegan / Davis  Wednesday 30 June 1948Maine, United States F1781
11 Dennison / Billings  Monday 8 October 1923Maine, United States F1324
12 Dostie / Brousseau  Saturday 12 October 1957Maine, United States F1884
13 Farnum / Davis  Saturday 2 October 1954Maine, United States F1783
14 Giroux / Pepin  Saturday 1 June 1957Maine, United States F1180
15 Hagerty / Harnois  Friday 1 October 1965Maine, United States F592
16 Hall / Billings  Saturday 3 October 1914Maine, United States F1298
17 Harnois / Hoctor  Wednesday 1 June 1938Maine, United States F1814
18 Irish / Deane  Thursday 7 January 1790Maine, United States F506
19 Irish / Decoster  Sunday 4 April 1819Maine, United States F285
20 Labrecque / Moreau  Monday 25 June 1934Maine, United States F1910
21 Morneault / Cormier  Saturday 31 December 1892Maine, United States F575
22 Perkins / Bouchard  Saturday 13 June 1953Maine, United States F1831
23 Radomski / Weldon   F617
24 Steady / Gordon  Friday 27 August 1926Maine, United States F605
25 Watson / Davis  Sunday 22 January 1911Maine, United States F805

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