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Here you will find some helpful answers to those Frequently Asked Questions regarding navigating and using this website. Click on the tabs below to find answers to questions about indicated by the tab. If you feel there is a question that should be added to this page, click here.

How do I find who I am looking for?
There are a number of ways, but the 'Search' function provides the most straight forward method. It is located in the FIND menu tab at the top of the page. There are a number of ways to search the site. A QUICK SEARCH will bring up a Menu that allows you to search for an indivicual. If you wihs to search on other criteria pick the one that you wish to use and fill in the information you have. If you think the person is likely to be there but you can't find them, then please contact us for help.

How do I find an individual's ancestors?
Once you locate an individual and have displayed the person's details, the easiest method is to press the Ancestors tab. This will show you a graphical display of both the paternal and maternal ancestors. Once you have the ancestor chart displayed, you can click on the arrows located at the far right ancestor if you need to see additional ancestors. There are a number of formats for you to choose from (Standard, Compact, Box, Text, Ahnentafel, and Media) to display ancestors. Try clicking on the various options and see which one works best for you.

What if I want to see an individual's descendants?
The tab marked Descendants can be used to display the descendants of an individual. There are four different formats in which descendants can be displayed. You can switch between these to display the information the way that works best for you.

Is there a way to tell if two individuals are related?
The Relationship tab will show a graphic display of all the people between two relatives. To use this function, locate the first individual and then press the Relationship tab. Then use the find button to locate the second person to be displayed. Once you have the two people selected click the calculate button to display their relationship.

What is the Timeline function?
A timeline is displayed for an individual when the Timeline tab is clicked. The time line shows important events in history that occurred during the life of an individual or a group of individuals. It gives you a unique perspective to see what was going on in the world during the lives of our ancestors.

If I see a mistake in the information presented can I correct it?
The suggestion tab allows you to send corrections, updates, comments or any other information to the database administrator. Information on which individual you are referencing is automatically attached to the message when you make a suggestion using the Suggestion tab. The database administrator will evaluate your suggestion and add it to the database in the next web update cycle if appropriate.

Is there a way to print the display without all the headers and icons?
Yes, just click on the Print tab. A format that is simplified for printing is presented and you can use the print function of your browser to print the page. NOTE: On the Individual, Ancestors and Descendants pages you have the option to create a report in 'pdf' format for the information you are viewing. To make use of this option you will need to have installed Adobe Reader in order to view the report.

Why can't I see all the information on a certain person? Why register?
We take great pains to protect the privacy of all family members. All names, dates and other information of living individuals are 'hidden'. Registered users have access to this information -- which is a benefit of registering. If you are a direct descendant or relative of people listed on this website, please take a moment to register by clicking on Register for a User Account on the home page. You will be asked to provide evidence of your relationship. When accepted, you will be able to view all records of your ancestor's descendants contained in the database.

What if I forget my username and/or password?
If you can't remember your username then, via the 'Log In' page, enter the email address you supplied when you registered and we will I will send you your username. However, for security purposes we do not have access to your password. So, if you forget it, you can ask the system, again via the 'Log In' page, to issue you with a temporary one. Just enter the email address you supplied when you registered and your username.

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